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At Municipal Data Services Inc, it is not only for our unparalleled professionalism, but the willingness of our highly skilled staff to fulfill our commitments to our clients with the highest level of accuracy and timeliness. In addition, we will continue to strive to maintain strong relations with the many municipal agencies throughout the entire state, which will ultimately enable us to gain the greatest advantage for our clients.
Since 1995, Municipal Data Services, Inc. has provided tax and municipal searches for the title insurance industry.
Often, our clients call upon us for one and two-hour response times for information sought. The staff of Municipal Data Services, Inc. has unfailingly responded with the highest levels of speed, professionalism and accuracy, frequently securing vital information from some of the most difficult agencies in New York City and throughout New York State, where others could not, saving our clients both time and money.
Moreover, our clients trust the professionals at Municipal Data Services, Inc. to the point that we are often asked to participate in confidential conference calls for detailed explanations of information reported.
With over twenty successful years in business, the professionalism, expertise and timely service that Municipal Data Services, Inc. provides is unparalleled by any competitor.
None of our competitors can lay claim to any greater technological support or better relationships with vital city & state agencies than Municipal Data Services, Inc.


  • Zoning Report
  • Air Resources Search
  • Bankruptcy Search
  • Certificate of Occupancy Search
  • Final Survey
  • Fire Department Search
  • Flood Zone
  • Fuel Oil Search
  • Health Search
  • Highway Violation Search


  • Landmark Services
  • Sewer Search
  • Street Maintenance Search (NYC) 
  • Street Report (NYC)
  • United States Patriot Name Search
  • Emergency Repair Research
  • Survey Inspection
  • Zoning Report
  • Housing and Building Search
"As counsel for an abstract company responsible for many residential and commercial real estate transactions, it is essential to rely on a search company that can help me meet the level of expertise and expediency that my clients demand. MDS consistently surpasses my expectations." Russ Coyne Pres, Class Abstract
"Municipal Data Services continues to be the fastest and most responsive to our needs. They never let us down!" Michael Newell Pres, Newell & Talarico Title Agency
"In the more than ten years I have used MDS, I have learned to expect a high level of responsiveness, professionalism, and accuracy. For these reasons I am proud to highly recommend you and your companys services." John Coscia, CEO Custom Title Services
"I can always rely on Municipal Data Services to do the job in a professional and timely manner. I f any difficulties arise I know I can count on them to be an integral part of the solution." Fern Epstein-Smith, Horizon Land Services


25 Hyatt Street, Suite 301
Staten Island, New York 10301
United States of America

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