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AREA is the brainchild of title experts and engineers with a combined 25+ years of experience in the areas of property research and title plant provisioning. Our innovative title research platform is unequalled in its comprehensiveness and accuracy. Through innovative methods of organic data aggregation, we provide clients with the most complete search solution anchored in both public and proprietary property records.

AREA Initiative

Our mission is to provide you with the most robust, complete and reliable research platform, capable of delivering unmatched searching features, wrapped around public property records. Whether youre an insurance agent, a mortgage servicer, an attorney or an investor, you know the critical importance of establishing the facts and truths of every property you touch. Chances are youve also experienced the tediousness and error-prone process of combing thought the myriad public databases. We believe youre entitled to more.

Online Automated Searching

  • Search judgments, liens and violations filed against property, individuals or corporations.
  • Research a complete property's title chain history with cross reference intelligence.
  • View a comprehensive property profile of any NYC parcel.


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United States of America

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